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Body Safety

Recommended Body Safety Books

Recommended Body Safety Books   (3 – 7 years of age)

ABC’s of Body Safety and Consent, author Jayneen Sanders

Be Aware of Stranger Danger, author Nancy Greenwood

Clicker the Cat, author Kyla Cullinane

Digital World, Carrie Anton

Do You Have a Secret?, author Jennifer Moore-Millinos

Healing Days, author Susan Farber Straus

I am Enough, author Grace Byers

I Said No, author Zack & Kimberly King

In My Heart A Book of Feelings, author Jo Witek

In My Heart A Book of Feelings, author Jo Witek

Kisses for Dulce, Susan Komisar Hausman

Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent & Respect, author Jayneen Sanders

Miles is the Boss of His Body, author Samantha Kurtzman-Countger & Abbie Scholler

My Body Belongs to Me, author Jill Starishevsky

My Body is Private, author Linda Walvoored Girard

My Body is Special and Private, author Adrianne Simeone

No Means No, author Jayneen Sanders

No More Bad Secrets, author Daisy Coipelin

No More Kisses for Bernard, author Niki Daly

On the Internet, author Dr. Jillian Roberts

Some Parts are Not for Sharing, author Julie K. Federico

Some Secrets Should Never be Kept, author Jayneen Sanders (English and Spanish)

Talk about Touch, author Sandy Kleven

Teach Your Dragon About Diversity, author Steve Herman

The Color Monster, author Anna Llenas

The Technology Tail, author Julia Cook

We’re Different, We’re the same and We are Wonderful, author Bobbi Jane Kates

Your Body Belongs to You, author Cornelia Maude Spelman

These books can be located at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
You can also check out from the local Cumberland County Public Library.