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A child you care about has reported being the victim of a crime, what will happen? What should you expect? What agencies will be involved?

My son disclosed child sexual abuse to me (his mom) at the age of nine. The abuser was a “friend” and colleague of my husband. Our family was quickly thrown into a world that was not familiar to us. Here are some things I learned that I didn’t want to know:

Learn more about children who have experienced trauma or neglect and how the exposure can result in misunderstood distressed and dysregulated behavior, often leaving the parent or caregiver helpless and frustrated. In cases where children experience trauma or neglect, research shows that the experience results in a chemical and structural change to the child's developing brain. This article offers a look into the causes of this and how to properly understand and address.

Depending on the local context, certain groups in society may be particularly susceptible to experiencing mental health problems, including households living in poverty, people with chronic health conditions, minority groups, and persons exposed to and/or displaced by war or conflict.

The importance of slowing down and recognizing the importance of the crucial and critical details in working with criminal justice cases involving children.

Read the following blog to learn about twenty "Great Comeback" suggestions from Cumberland County school social workers as we navigate our way through the new school year.

"As we make our way through a new school year in Cumberland County Schools, we have embraced “The Great Comeback” as our motto. We are coming back with new goals, hopes, and plans. We need the community to join us with ongoing support “on deck” to make this vision a reality!" Pamela Story, MSW Social Work Coordinator/Homeless Liaison, Cumberland County Schools

In honor of National Grandparents Day, Sunday, September 12th, we wanted to recognize grandparents and the special role they have in children’s lives. There is a special connection between children and grandparents that has been proven for longevity in grandparents lives and in emotional resilience in children.

Grandparents Day is a great opportunity to to treasure that connection and to spend quality family time at a family gathering or connecting by phone, Facetime or virtually for a “Zoom” date.

"Child abuse is a community problem, one that affects all of us either directly or indirectly. Effective prevention and intervention holds potential for lessening the suffering and trauma experienced by children and greatly reducing these economic costs.

The Child Advocacy Center offers many programs to teach the community how to Recognize and Report Child Abuse and Neglect, and how to protect children from sexual abuse. Hundreds of thousands of children are sexually violated by adults they know and trust every year. More than 90% of the time, the child is abused by someone the family knows and trusts, and that is why it is crucial for every adult in our community to become educated on how to prevent and recognize child abuse and how to make a report if they suspect abuse."

"We are learning a lot more about the effects of social determinants on childhood resilience (the ability to withstand or bounce back from harmful and even toxic events). It turns out that impacts created by social determinants can be improved through strong personal and professional social networks." Robin Jenkins, PhD, Guest Blogger

Spring is here! As you look around you see flowers blooming, trees are budding, birds are singing, and the freshness of Spring is in the air...

The Fayetteville Running Club (FRC) and the Fayetteville Area TriWarriors presented Roberta Humphries...

To learn more and for a list of resources on Human Trafficking, please visit the following links:

As we approach the end of the year, there are current legislative proposals that need to be revised before they are passed by the end of 2020...

A warm and soothing environment where pediatric patients and their parents can feel comfortable and safe...