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Volunteer Spotlight

Alex DeSoto began volunteering with the Child Advocacy Center in the spring of 2022. She quickly jumped into a variety of opportunities to serve. She came in and worked on mailings, she cleaned out some items in our storage shed. One of the first things she found her niche in was volunteering with the Pinwheel Masquerade Ball Committee. Alex shares that through serving on this committee she was pushed out of her comfort zone. She is new to our community. As the PMBA began planning, she quickly agreed to make personal contacts by phone and in person to companies to raise money for the CAC either by being sponsors or by donating baskets and/or items for the silent auction that is held as a part of the PMBA. Alex continues sharing that through this service of reaching out she was ‘challenged’ but then she began to see that her confidence was building. 

Alex is in nursing school at Fayetteville Technical Community College. She was given a project to find a community resource that she could use a resource for her patients. Through that she discovered how she could be a voice and advocate for children while completing the project but even beyond. 

“Volunteering is important to me because it is a way to give back to the community tht has treated me so well along the way.” Ales says. She enjoys being among the staff and other volunteers. She has found so much passion and love through those in the office as well as those who serve as volunteers alongside her. That always gives her reason to smile.

Alex is a huge advocate for the CAC. She states that if someone asked her why she volunteers and especially why at the CAC she would share, “DO IT!” The CAC has a great family environment there.” She sees her volunteer service as a contribution to the community directly for some of the most vulnerable children and their families in our community. Her advice is to “put yourself out there and go for it.”

Finding a way to make a difference is something that Alex has found joy and fulfillment in. She states ‘that even if I am doing a minor office task or setting on for event, I am doing something for the children in my community that need to be advocated for. She finds joy in knowing that as she learns more about the work of the CAC and advocating for some of  the most vulnerable children and families she will have this as a resource to share through her professional career. 

To learn more about volunteering please visit the CAC website at to learn more.